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. democrats are a lot tougher. obama is tougher than the republicans. lou: did you say smarter. did you say smarter? >> no. tougher. no. not smarter. lou: we are starting to see -- you know, here's the thing. what do you want to do? we are looking at all of this. we know what it is. we just had a leading global economist tell us we are going to see over a 10% unemployment rate in this country, of 4 percent reduction in the economy if this thing goes over the cliff. i just want to know how we will avoid that. >> well, it's not my job. it is the republican leaders, the ones that got us into this mess. the other republican leaders that got us into this mess. it is their job to get this out. we have the rise of the tea party in recent years because of the failure of republican leaders. they have failed for decades and decades. people are tired of it, and that is why when they are the face of the party, they were in a '06 and 08 in 2012 from the people reject that. when the tea party and rand paul and ron paul and marco rubio, the tea party is the face of the opposition, people respond. they lik
ed show" from new york. president obama is winning a major class warfare battle with republicans and they are on the road. this is "the ed show" e. let's get to work. >> the president was committed -- selected on the basis he was not romney. and you should vote against romney. >> big money interests have their backs up against the wall in the white house knows it. tonight congressman debbie wasserman schultz on the president's mandate on fairness. >> the election may be over, but the conspiracy theories live on. >> i suspect these tough chicago guys knew about this affair for awhile, and held it in their back pocket until they needed to play their card. >> the latest right wing freakout over general petraeus. >> and if you have better ingredients and better pizza, why not better health care? sam stein on papa john's problem with obama care. >>> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. more bad news for republicans this week. their history of obstruction is coming back to haunt them. president obama made it clear friday he will insist on getting rid of the bush tax cuts for
% of the vote twice. roosevelt, eisenhower, reagan, and obama. republicans in the house will be able to get some concessions, but i think there will be a big budget deal next year, and it will be much moran obama budget deal than paul ryan budget deal. elections have consequences. karen capehart, did you expect anything this big this fast? bill kristol is influential with republicans in washington. i'm stunned with what i'm hearing? >> i almost fell out of my chair when boehner said revenues. the idea of increasing revenues. that's a central argument that we have been having over the last four years, and the very expensive i told you so i guess. if we're going to get to this problem, we have to deal with revenues, we can't just do it all on the spending side. >> jonathan capehart, there is bill kristol teaching republicans how to talk about this. but it does involve a word for word refutation of what they said in the past, that higher rates will kill the economy. there is bill kristol pointing out how we've done perfectly fine under higher rates in the past. >> what he's trying to get through to
. >> getting back to the standoff between republicans in congress and president obama, i wanted to ask about the meeting that took place today. you had labor leaders there. they have said in an interview if medicare and social security are part of any deal that president obama strikes with republicans, labor will be against it. and i look at that and i say, how can that not be part of any deal that obama strikes with republicans? how much trouble will he have on the left selling any deal he reaches? >> it's going to be hard to sell. any deal that deals with those entitlement issues. harry reid said clearly here, social security, we will not touch social security as part of this package. so it's probably going to end upcoming down to e medicare and medicaid. if the president starts to negotiate on those issues because he'll have to do some of that in order to get republicans support on taxes. even mitch mcconnell went to the floor and said, i will consider higher revenues, but the president has to agree to something on entitlements. so the question is, if he does do something, how many democr
for republicans this week. their history of obstruction is coming back to haunt them. president obama made it clear friday he will insist on getting rid of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy in a new economic plan. congressional republicans are playing tough in public instead of tax increases on the rich they are pushing nonspecific tax reform. >> it's clear that there are a lot of special interest loopholes. >> we can increase revenue without increasing the tax rates on anybody in this country. we can lower the rates, broaden the base. >> eliminate all these tax credits and tax deductions. you can generate $1 trillion in revenue. you can lower tax rates by doing this. >> eric cantor put the talking points together in a letter to republicans. what would be sbes a fundamental reform of the tax code that lowers rates, broadens the base, makes america's businesses kpet ty again. let's see here now. lowering rates, broadening the base, ending loopholes and e deductions. where have we heard this before? >> if we eliminate some of the loopholes and e deductions at the high end, putting a limit on
don't think. i don't understand why republicans won't take obama's offer to freeze taxes to everyone below $2350,000, make it $1 million. really? the republican party is going to fall on their sword to protect millionaires half of whom vote democratic and live in hollywood? >> eric: raising taxes is not the answer. allowing people to keep their hard earn money is the answer and the only way to bring growth back. growth is the gasoline that powers the american economy. >> kimberly: i like that. >> eric: then you can start. were you shaking your head when mr. bill kristol decided raising taxes is okay thing to do? >> kimberly: i was. i usually like what he has to say. it didn't love that. i didn't heart that. he agrees with axelrod so i really don't like that. let me tell you something, there wasn't a mandate here. charles krauthammer even said so. he didn't win by an enormous amount to say all the americans are like tax me, tack me, break me and my family so there is nothing left. that is not the american dream. gawps can i get the conversation back on track. >> kimberly: look at the
that the only person that has a mandate is barack obama. the house republicans have a mandate. it's fundamentally different than obama's mandate. they would be well put not to try to cut a deal with obama but to say paul ryan is going to bring forth a solution to the fix, we're going to gather votes for it. i guarantee you you'll have a democratic substitute and if you can get enough republicans to vote for it, terrific. >> if only the americans can see the look of befudslement and confusion when newt gingrich says things like no house republican should be bamboozled into this idea. bamboozled into this idea that the president just won re-election and the senate is still firmly in democratic hands. >> right. what he's basically saying is, to rank and file republicans vote with your district and forget about the phone call that john boehner had with all of you folks saying get in line, we actually have to have a record to run on in 2014. we can't be obstructionists anymore. the american people have spoken in the election, let's do something. newt gingrich, former speaker of the hou
for president obama. so the republicans have a little outreach to do. and i'd suggest one way instead of just giving speeches is work with us on immigration reform. >> from your advantage point as a democrat who has been cross aisle oriented, what happens within the republican party between those republican senators and who they see as constituents on an issue like that? he's secretary of state in kansas. he's there. and that's an active and vocal faction in the republican party. how do they lose the debate if they need to lose the debate for republicans to survive? >> the business community can play a major role. we have major businesses that want to see immigration reform. they look at their employee base. they look at the possibility of the reform and what it would mean with earned citizenship. that's a group that they will listen to. and then you just have what happened to them in this election. people that were just adhering to these rigid ideologies. we got some democrats in there that were problem solvers. i think that sends a message as well. other possibility would be energy reform.
republicans called barack obama who is a very moderate president. has been and most people understand that. ( crowd cheering ) >> stephen: so what happens? is there now a civil war within the republican party. >> i hope so. because i want conservatism to revive. i want it to be connected to reality, to what's going on in the world ,to the changing demographics of the society, the changing nature of the society and come up with constructive proposals to help solve our problems. i want the republican party to make "obamacare" better rather than actually just abolishing it. i want... ( crowd cheering ) i want the republican party to accept that climate change is happening, for goodness sake. ( crowd cheering ) and i don't think they've been open to persuasion so far, but i think the one thing they understand is losing. and they believe they won by a landslide. they're telling us, george will and michael barone were predicting-- they're not crazy, mainstream republicans very serious people telling us it would be a landslide for romney. where do they go now? >> stephen: i know the problem. they
's it. the house remains in the republican control, the senate is in democratic control barack obama is still the president. let's hope that these past four years of obstruction and difficulty, the fever has broken. even though the players remain the same perhaps the fever has broken and as chris christie and the president learned in new jersey when we forget the party bickering and political [bleep] we can accomplish certain things even for people who have lost their houses. it's a remarkable lesson for all of us. that is all for our show tonight. join us again tomorrow at our regularly scheduled non-live taping. i might even shave and shower. [laughter] right now we're going to go to stephen co-bea colbert at the ct report. >> don't tell me anything, jon, no spoilers, please. >> jon: haven't you been watching the news. >> not at all. i can't go into my show knowing anything about what my show is about. [laughter] i answer every show like a newborn baby. clean slate, no preconceptions. semi blind and covered in placenta and goo crying uncontrollably waiting to be spanked by life. >
republican should be bamboozled into this idea that the only person who has a mandate is barack obama. the house republicans have a mandate. it's fundamentally different than the president's mandate. instead, to say, paul ryan is going forth a solution, we'll gather votes for it. i guarantee you'll get the democratic substitute. >> what do you think about that congressman? >> i think the house is republican controlled, a consequence of redistricting. and it was the superpacs that were very engtive in some house races. the fact of the matter is, we gained and there still six out there to be decided. we could gain more. i think at the house level, for the house to continue the role its played for two years is bad advice. the issue the famous statement, what i mean by compromise, i think cantor said, we have to agree with us. that's gone now. the president has a pull pit that he can take to the public on these issues and increase pressure on congress. >> lot of other issues on the docket. whether it's in the lame duck or coming up in the new session of congress, gingrich also talked abou
their hat in the ring with republicans overtly saying obama was, as you remember, reverend, because we did a program about this -- >> yes, we did. >> -- anti-religious. they called him anti-religious. the roman catholic bishops, evangelicals are totally ineffective and can the republican party move past that? not on your life. >> let me show you some reaction of evangelical leaders on the right to the president's re-election. >> what have they got? he doesn't seem to have any program yet he's not able to win re-election. what is going on with the american people? >> i think this was an evangelical disaster. >> romney was pro life, pro family, but i don't think we engaged in the ad war on those issues. i think if we would have engaged instead of being forced to be on the defensive, i still think we would have gotten many, many more of what used to be call the reagan democrats, catholics and others who are pro life and pro family. but may identify more with the democrats on economic issues, but with republicans and conservatives on values issues. >> so, frank, when you hear gary bower talkin
for barack obama. and republicans had no ground game and the obama campaign had a magnificent ground game. they knew who their voters were and they knew they had to get them out to the polls and they did. the republicans thought they could b.s. their way into the white house and it doesn't work that way. plus he had a lot of bad ideas and two lousy candidates. what a great show we have for you today. igor vole ski. tuesdays with judd. now tuesdays with igor since judd is off on paternity leave. he will be in along with eric burns from bullfight strategies. then we'll have something special today. devote one hour, the last hour together today to the white house fellows program. it is a program that i'm close to. been following for a long time. it is a great program. you're going to get to meet the director of the white house fellows and three of the current white house fellows are here this year in washington d.c. all of that coming up and the latest on the petraeus scandal and another general caught with his pants
, for a lot of these republicans you bet obama. good luck with that. let me ask you this. as republicans move ford we have the president able to skate to the finish line. not answer questions about benghazi before, during and after. and he lied to the american people as evidenced by the fact they saw this in realtime. you've got iran, a drone shot at. he doesn't tell the american people. now, we're seeing he may have known about petraeus, what does that mean? >> he thinks he's hiding a ball from us. on the subject of regulation, the flexibility act requires president of the united states to send to the congress in april and october the agenda of all of the economically significant rules that are in the pipeline. the president did do it in april. he's required by law to do it. the president has a press score when he does things like that, like benghazi and the case about what he required or ordered to be done that wasn't done in benghazi, what did he know about david petraeus? he just ignored it. they're not going to ask you about it. >> i would think, let me ask you think. >> good luck with t
obama is back in the white house, democrats are back in control of the senate, and republicans are back running the house. that's what prevailed before americans voted, when deadlock reigned in washington, little got done, and the country was frustrated and angry. are we in for more of the same? the talk we are hearing in washington sounds altogether too familiar. so let's consider what's ahead with two people of different philosophies about what should be done. bob herbert was a long-time liberal columnist for "the new york times" until he retired last year and became a distinguished senior fellow for the national think tank demos. he's been on the road for months now, reporting for his forthcoming book, "wounded colossus." reihan salam writes "the agenda," that's a daily blog for the conservative national review online. he is a policy advisor at the think tank economics 21 and a columnist for reuters. he is also the co-author with ross douthat of the much talked-about book, "grand new party: how republicans can win the working class and save the american dream." welcome to both of you
is obama care. there's some disagreement in the party. should governors, republican governors, republican members of congress accept it and help implement it, tell them how to take advantage of the new programs? or should the party continue to fight it? >> a, it's going to survive, he won the election. he's not going to preside over the repeal of obama care. b, it's not going to work. you're already seeing, for example, major chains in restaurants saying we're hiring everybody for 29 hours. >> would you tell rick scott and rick perry to work to implement this? >> no, i'd tell them to look out what's best for their state. if they think it's best for their state to implement it, implement it, if they'd rather not be involved, they should have a hard-nose look at what's best for their state. i do want to say -- there are two mandates out of this election. i mean, no house republican should be bamboozled into this idea that the only person who has a mandate is barack obama. the house republicans have a mandate, it's fundamentally different than obama's mandate and they ought to learn a lesson
cliff, president obama and congressional leaders, republicans, digging in their heels, congress is back in session for the first time since the election. gas prices are getting lower, as we head to thanksgiving holiday. good thing, right? actually not for even. we'll explain that. in the grapevine, tens of thousands of people take a crack at seceding from the union. we'll explain. "special report" from washington at #:00 eastern and now back to new york and my colleagues with five five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so last week, mediaite got hold of a letter from fortham university president joseph mcshane, that guy, to his students condemning college republicans for asking ann coulter to speak on his campus. you know, because she is satan. said her rhetoric is needlessly provictive, something you never see on a college campus. apparently he never set foot in his actual classrooms. you want needless rhetoric, try talk to a tenureed marxist on faculty. that's noxious rhetoric. he's not a bad guy. he's just predictable. i am ticked with the republicans who rescended the invitation to ann. in
a certain kind of republican a kind of conservative barack obama and i mean that from the best sense of conservatives. do you know what? republicans with science don't come along that often. i don't think things look good for americans unless they find that candidate. >> that is why i wrote that killing lincoln book, by the way. bernieberg, everybody. adam corolla on deck. >> back in the books segment tonight, pod cast master joins us now from los angeles. >> do you want a shot of petraeus tonight? >> yes. i would. go. >> i don't mind a guy who cheats. that just means he has testosterone. look at all of the greats that cheated. mlk, jfk, rfk. do you know who didn't cheat? jimmy carter. >> that makes me nervous. >> and there is a void there, i had the correction. rfk, we cannot find any extramarital stuff with him. all right. now. you flif los angeles. and elizabeth warren lives in massachusetts. very far from you. very far. and you're outraged about this woman living in the election. why? it was because of the speed where she's told everybody the system was rigged against them. by th
for $250,000 and above for their tax rates to go up. i think that it's not on obama. it's on republicans in congress to make concessions to get to a compromise on this deal. >> all right. well, we'll wait to see what happens. >> yes, we will. >> wait for that white puff of spoke to come out of the capitol building at some point. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. the market has turned negative. >> this may end up being the biggest video game of all time, maria tells me. activision's "call of duty: black ops 2" is set to blow up the competition. is it the best play in the video game stock? we'll talk about that. >>> and what was behind the latest glitch in the stock market on monday? and how about the fiscal cliff? ceo duncan niederauer among the ceos in the fix the debt commission. he's later on the "closing bell." stay with us. i was downstairs making coffee, and we heard it. it just came crashing through the roof, out of nowhere. what is it? it's our ira. any idea what coulda caused this? maybe. i just sorta threw a little money here, a little money there. and i loaded up on somethin
don't understand why republicans don't take obama's offers to freeze taxes on everybody below 250,000. >> since polls indicate most people favor phasing out he upper income tax cuts. kristol ask why should republicans fall on swords for a bunch of millionaires who half of them live in hollywood and vote democratic anyway. two states have responded to make it legal to smoke marijuana and get high. world leaders have questions. for starters is it time to change drug policies. voters in colorado and washington state decided to legalize recreational recreational marijuana or marijuana for recreational use. presidents from hun dues costa rica are asking how that will effect them. the drug has left tens of thousands of people dead. mexico one of the primary suppliers of weed to the united states it's president calling for studies on drug laws. the implication enforce bans on marijuana production and smuggling. in california officials have just endorsed something called meatless monday campaign that urges people to give up meat one day a week. city council endorsed unanimous vote. it ♪
momentum here and the republicans are on the back foot. so in that sense, i think obama has an advantage. on the other hand republicans do have a good case to make when it comes to taxes because something that's not often discussed is that the costs of obama care will start to kick in in 2013. one example, businesses which hire 50th notice ewill face a fine of $40,000 if they don't take on government approved health care insurance. so republicans can argue that when we approach this fiscal cliff, we have to keep costs and regulations as light as possible and any tax increase could be harmful. so there is some argument on this. >> is it telling us that glenn hubbard is basically saying, yes, we need to close he loopholes and cap deductions, but also we're willing to give when it comes to higher taxes on the wealthy? it seem like it's becoming the end game. >> equally significant to grefer norquist one of the big anti-tax champions said we have to look again at a carbon tax idea. which the congress ional budget said. i like the cliff you played of senator bob corker very significant saying
. aaron glantz, up next, republican governors are on the clock. enact obama-care by friday otherless. we'll tell what you the "or else" is and what it means for you. we'll be right back. [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders deep clean for men. ♪ ♪ >> we're not going to participate in exchanges. we're not going to expand medicaid. we're not going to be a part of socializing healthcare in the state of text texas and in direct conflict of our founding fathers. >> jennifer: really? that's rick perry vowing to stop obama-care. i really don't remember reading anywhere in the constitution that our founding fathers are against universal healthcare. texas is not alone. kansas, alaska oklahoma among others who say they have no plans to implement obama-care. states only have until friday--this friday to say how they're going to enact obama-care if the federal government--if they don't do it,
for president obama. romney lost in virginia. so that would imply that the republicans should nominate, they have two choices. nominate the very conservative tea party, the attorney general or nominate the more established conservative, bill bowling. last tuesday 's result they want to have a chancehey would nominate the more moderate guy. the tea party guy, he's got a lock on the nomination i think. he's the strong favorite right now. it's going to be a party convention that picks the nominee for the republicans and tends to be dominated by activists, the base people who are most enthusiastic. >> i'm sorry. >> but also the point is that the electorate in off year elections is much more conservative than in presidential years. that could give an argument and the republicans a chance. >> we're out of time i'm being told but i have to ask you quickly about maryland and the impact there. a lot of success for governor omalley. >> a lot of success on same sex marriage, dream act, casinos. he swept the board. the most important act is gambling is behind us in maryland. this thing has been ba
and republicans returning to capitol hill and on friday the big meeting, president obama, congressional leaders start talking fiscal cliff. cheryl: they need to get going. thank you, live at the white house. dennis: labor leaders love president obama but can he bring business leaders in? we meet with ceos tomorrow and trying to get republicans to compromise. republican senator and minority whip roger wicker of mississippi joins us from the capital. president obama says his reelection means we will tax the rich. democrats, republicans say they are old and the house meaning we won't raise taxes on any one. are you two side going to blow this and what let happen? >> i hope not. there is room for compromise. but i don't think labor leaders are going to get everything they want today. it is an election celebration but the voters in their wisdom have given us divided government again. democratic president, democratic senate and republican house and republican speaker. there's going have to give and take and there's a solution out there. dennis: which is more important to republicans? avoiding the fis
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 123 (some duplicates have been removed)

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